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144 model is pictured but it is available in 170″ Click Here

  • FREE Cable Lock Kit
  • FREE Storage Bag
  • FREE Accessory Kit – Optional Gust Guard
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Mercedes Sprinter Van Cover

FREE Cable Lock KitFREE Storage BagFREE Accessory Kit – Optional Gust Guard

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What should I know before purchasing this item?

The fitment is not tight like you would expect. If you want it to be more flush than it is out of the box then you can use push pins to get the desired look. You are looking at a cover that is meant for functional use.

My Sprinter is pretty tall… Am I going to have to use a ladder?

Yes. There is a high possibility that you will need a ladder to use this product.

What is this thing made out of?

A mixture of high-quality fabrics and materials that will help keep weather, dust, mud, and liquid off your Sprinter van.

How many different types of covers are there?

There is a 144 and a 170 version. However, we recently released a 170 extended wheelbase version which means that there are three different versions of this Mercedes Sprinter van cover.

I heard these are a little baggy when they get put on the Sprinter… Is that true?

Correct. They are a bit baggy but it is not something pins and tucking cannot handle.

What can you tell me about the SprinterFit Platinum cover?

It has 5 layers of protection. It also is waterproof and makes sure that the wind, rain, snow, etc do not ravage your Sprinter over time.

I’ve heard that it has some kind of soft lining on the underside… What is it?

It is a soft fleece lining. It helps the cover not damage your Sprinter’s exterior when in use or getting blown around by winds. Although this is still a possibility, albeit a very small one, it is much less likely with this kind of interior fabric.

What is so special about the fabric?

It is a highly durable fabric that can withstand heavy rain, snow, ice, and even wind. It also features a microporous layer that gives your vehicle the ability to get some fresh air without sacrificing the protection of a cover. Why is this important? It helps your Sprinter by allowing moisture or heat to exit the cover in a timely manner instead of getting stuck under the cover and possibly doing damage to your Sprinter.


  • Rain coming fast? No worries. You can install or remove the cover in under 1 minute.
  • The cover was created for all-seasons. Rain, snow, or shine. The cover will be there for you.
  • UV treated barrier layers provide the best protection from harmful UV rays
  • Non-scratch tie-down grommets for windy conditions provide added security when paired with our cable lock kit. They work together to make short work of windy conditions. The tie-down grommets were designed to lessen the chance of scratching your vehicle.
  • Acid rain a concern? Give yourself more protection by using this cover.
  • Hail coming or construction nearby throwing up some rocks? The cover will help keep your Sprinter protected within reasonable limits.
  • The storage bag can be closed and opened very easily. Front and rear elastic hems keep everything inside that should be inside the storage bag.
  • The seams are ultrasonically welded seams which give you unparalleled water protection when compared to other seams.
  • The microporous layer allows excess moisture and heat to leave instead of getting trapped between your vehicle and the fabric.
  • It has a total of 3 barrier layers. They are made of non-woven fabric, water-resistant film, and soft fleece lining to protect your vehicle’s finish respectively.
  • The product also comes with a FREE cable lock kit, storage bag, antenna patch, and replacement grommets. You can see pictures of these items in the gallery near the top of the page.

Please note: we did not take into account that you may have aftermarket parts on your Sprinter’s roof. The van covers were test fitted on stock Sprinters with OEM roof AC. Your situation may differ and fitment may not work the same.

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Sprinter Length

140 Inch 2002-2006 Wheel Base, 144 Inch, 170 Inch Wheel Base, 170 Inch Wheel Base Extended


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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 14 in

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