Sprinter Carhartt Brown Seatsavers

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Carhartt Brown Seatsavers for Sprinters
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans made before 2006. This includes both the 2500 and the 3500 versions.

Ok, I admit it. I'm a messy person. Can I machine wash these covers?
Carhartt has told us that you can machine wash these covers.

It doesn't seem like the armrests are included. Is that accurate or am I missing something?
The small print of the box says that the armrests are not covered by the product.

But the headrests are covered?
Yes. The box says that it includes vinyl adjustable headrests. You should have ample protection there.

I'm not great at upholstery. How do I install these products on my vehicle?
The covers have elastic tension around the ends. You should be able to pull them over your seats and have a snug fit.
I love the Carhartt brand and I like my bragging rights. Is there a way to prove these are genuine Carhartt products and not a knockoff?
Carhartt has taken the time to sewn in their own logo into the upper middle of every seat cover. You should have no problem proving these are authentic.

What did Carhartt make this material out of?
Carhartt says this is duck weave fabric.
Not a real duck?
No. It is a heavy woven cotton fabric. It is an expression used within the industry. It would be called canvas outside of the industry.

I like to spill... Well, not like, but I spill my drink often. Is there something that will help me clean this up when I spill my beverage of choice?
"Rain Defender" is your best friend. Carhartt says that it does a good job of repelling water. Your drink should beat up and you should be able to wipe it off with some good success.

My kids destroy the seams of covers quickly. I don't know what they do and or how they do it. Is this tougher than other covers and will it survive my children?
Carhartt is known for strength, durability, and dependability. They had the foresight to make sure that the seams of this seat cover are triple stitched and overlapped.

I've been unpleasantly surprised in the past with how hard it was to find where I should and how I should fasten my seat belt with other seat covers. Is this going to be easier or is it going to be the same experience?
Carhartt says that they have created this seat cover with that in mind. You should not have trouble fastening your seatbelt or the seat belt of anyone you may have to help fasten.

I have a ProMaster and my friend has a Transit... But we still want this and would like to get it. Are their options for us?
The seat covers are actually designed to fit a lot of vehicles. They also make options for trucks. They should work for your Transit or ProMaster.