Sprinter Van Aluminess Front Winch Bumper

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About Aluminess:

Aluminess Products, Inc. We have been in business for over 12 years and we have established a solid reputation for manufacturing quality aluminum products for trucks, vans, and SUV’s. and Sprinter Van Aluminess Front Winch Bumper one of them! We are proud to offer products that are “Made in America”.
Our aluminum products are designed for strength and utility, providing additional protection for your vehicle. The lighter weight allows you to get full performance out of your suspension and prevents wear and tear on your alignment, brakes, and tires. In addition, you don’t have to worry about rust!
Our talented manufacturing staff is able to design, fabricate and weld bumpers, roof racks, and accessories for an ever-growing number of vehicles of various makes and models. Our sales staff is always available to answer questions and help ensure that you get the right products for your vehicles.

2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van Aluminess Front Winch Bumper   This product ships via freight, all orders must be shipped to a commercial location with a dock for unloading. If your shipping address does not meet this requirement then you may be subject to a $100 charge to cover additional freight costs.  

Can I use winches with this bumper?
Yes. You can use winches as it is winch compatible. It has tow hooks and is powder coated so that it can resist scratches. It was made to be a workhorse bumper.

What about if I accidentally hit an animal or an animal hits me?
The bumper was made with this in mind. It is the durable bumper you have been waiting for especially if you are driving a 2019 Sprinter van.

What is this bumper made up of anyway?
It is made up of aluminum.

Does that mean that it is light?
It is lighter than other bumpers of the same size. The aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable at the same time.

How much does this bumper weigh?
It weighs in at 85 lbs. Keep in mind that is the weight of the bumper and not the weight of the shipping materials. It will weigh more with the box and other materials it ships with when it leaves our store.
Right click or hold your finger here to download instructions on how to install this bumper on your vehicle.

What kind of tools am I going to need in order to install this thing?
You need a standard wrench set, you will also need a putty knife, a razor or box cutter will also be necessary, a drill with a 1/2" drill bit, shear or tin snips, a hammer, a flathead screwdriver, and a 6 point star head Torx wrench set.

What kind of hardware will I be getting in this package?
You get all of the following items:

    • 4 of 1/2"- 13 x 2 1/2" hex head bolts


    • 2 of 1/2"- 13 x 5" hex head bolts


    • 12 of 1/2" ID flat washers


    • 6 of 1/2" - 13 nuts with nylon locking inserts


    • 2 of 1/4" - 20 x 1" Button head socket cap screw


    • 2 of 1/4" 20 Nut with nylon locking inserts


    • 6 of M8-1.25 x 65mm hex head bolts


    • 6 of M8-1.25 hex nuts


    • 6 of 3/8" ID thick washers


    • 6 of 5/16" ID split lock washers


    • 2 pairs of steel support brackets


    • 1 Fairlead cover


    • 2 of 1/4-20 Nylock nuts SS


    • 4 of 1/4 x 7/8 Fender Washers SS


    • 2 of 1/4--20 x 1" Button head bolts SS


    • 2 of #6-32 x 1/2" Phillips Bolts


    • 2 of #6-32 nuts


    • 1 set of Keys for the winch compartment


    • 1 DEF tank bracket


I've heard that this new bumper interferes with headlight washers. Is that true?
Yes. The 2019 bumper interferes with headlight washers. They will be blocked and be unable to be used.

What about the look of the bumper? Do they have vents?
All front winch bumpers from Aluminess now include vents and have the "A" place on the front.

What is the standard bumper configuration?
It is round lights. It has the 2" bull bar and 1.5" side brush guards.

Please note: The products are shown with options that are available for upgrades. Lights, shackles, receivers, and brush guard crossbars are not included in the standard bumper price.