Sprinter Van Bedrug Vantred Rubber Rear Cargo Mat

$409.95 - $499.95
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2007-2021 Sprinter Van Bedrug Vantred Rubber Rear Cargo Mat

This will fit Mercedes Sprinter Vans produced from 2007 to present. If you're ordering the 170 Extended, trimming will be required around the wheel wells.

I really want a mat that will keep out some of the heat and some of the noise in my van. Will this solution do that for me?
The manufacturer says that the mat does do that for you. It should give you some measure of heat and noise protection should you decide to use it for your van.
Will this Sprinter Van rear cargo mat fit my passenger/crew Sprinter Van?
Yes, this will work with vans that have rear seats. All that is required is a bit of trimming to create holes where the seats attach to the floor.

I transport a bunch of cleaning supplies all the time. I'm always concerned with them spilling in my van. What happens to this mat if I spill some of them on this mat?
The mat you are looking at is designed to be resistant to chemicals. Of course, there are limits to this but it should be able to withstand your household cleaners and the like.

I'm not going to have to cut this mat to fit my Sprinter, am I? Is it designed for something else and just happens to fit a Sprinter, sort of?
No. This mat was designed for the Sprinter van and would happen to fit other models as an afterthought. You are getting the reverse of the situation in this case.

What is the backing for this thing made up of? Something hard?
The information we have says that it is made up of 1/2" polypropylene foam backing.

The surface of this mat looks ribbed. My van is not ribbed on the bottom and that worries me. Am I going to have a hard time getting this thing to lay flat so I don't trip or whatever?
The bottom of this mat is actually flat which means that it will not be difficult to install in your vehicle. You will not have to fight strange bumps on the bottom to get it to lie down like any other mat.

How are the edges? Are they raggedy or smooth?
The edges are smoother than you would expect. In fact, they were die-cut to make sure that they look high quality.

Is this a slippery mat or not?
It is a mat that includes an anti-skid surface. The surface should help it feel like it is not slippery or slick.

What kind of rubber is this mat made up of? Is it a good rubber or is it going to break down on me?
The rubber used in this product is TPO rubber. It is made to be very durable.

Where is this made again?
It is proudly made in the United States of America.

Is this hard to install?
No. The mat is made to install in only a few minutes. You only have to insert the mat underneath plastic shrouds at or near the side entry door and the rear door.