Sprinter Van Grille Bug Screen-1

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About Fia:

For over 40 years Fia has been a leader in quality and innovative textile engineering for the automotive aftermarket. With the major focus on the end user, Fia has developed innovative designs in both interior and exterior custom accessories. All covers are vehicle tested before engineering approval. one of is the special products is Sprinter Van Grille Bug Screen

Fia also offers exterior accessories for trucks, vans, suv’s and cars. With both custom and universal fit. Fia has a variety of bug screens and winter front products to protect your vehicle. No tools required – quick and easy installation. Fia, a name you can count on for quality, innovation, design, precision and fit.

2005-2006 Sprinter Van Grille Bug Screen
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans made between 2005-2006.


What does a grille bug screen do?
It helps protect your grille against the damage it might otherwise take from rocks, bugs and other types of debris that can be found on the road.

Is it easy to clean and remove?
It should be easy to remove. It comes with adhesive tabs. The tabs button together and are removable which should make cleaning them very easy since you can remove it in its entirety.

Do I need a drill or other specialized equipment to get this thing on my vehicle?
Actually, no. The fasteners are held on with adhesive then securing the product on the vehicle is as easy as snapping the fasteners together.

What color does this item come in?
The official color of this part is black.

Could I still use a hood protector while using this product?
Yes, there are a few of those that would work well in conjunction with this product. It varies from model to model but there are a few that could work in conjunction with this bug protector. In fact, they might actually work well together.
Which Sprinter Vans are compatible with this product?
This product is compatible with the 2005 Sprinter Van and the 2006 Sprinter Van.