Sprinter Van Rv Air Conditioner W/ Air Distribution Box And Start Capacitor - 13,500 Btu - Black

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Sprinter Van Rv Air Conditioner W/ Air Distribution Box And Start Capacitor - 13,500 Btu - Black

RV Air Conditioners - ACM135BC (For Ram ProMaster, Ford Transit, T1N Sprinter, NCV3 Sprinter, VS30 Sprinter, and All Other Camper Vans or Conversion Vans In Need of Rooftop AC Units)

    • 13500 Btu
    • Non-Ducted Ceiling Assembly
    • Advent Air
    • Standard Air Conditioner

Ductless AC unit lets you replace an existing AC or add a new AC to your RV. Air distribution box has a built-in thermostat to control the fan and temperature. Start capacitor jumpstarts the AC when camp power or generator power isn't enough.


    • Air conditioner quickly and efficiently cools the interior of your RV or camper

        • Replaces, upgrades, or adds an air conditioner and air distribution box

        • Compatible with only ductless systems


    • 6-Blade fan with motor has 3 speed settings for increasing or decreasing airflow


    • Air distribution box has adjustable registers on the front and back that let you direct the air where needed

        • Internal aluminum components are rustproof


    • Built-in thermostat controls the fan and temperature settings


    • Start capacitor jumpstarts the AC when a campsite or generator doesn't provide enough power

        • Stores energy that will later be used for the next startup


    • Thick, collapsible gasket with 6 foam pads provide support between RV roof and air conditioner

        • Gasket seals the opening to prevent water seepage and air leaks

        • Foam pads help reduce noise


    • Removable air filter prevents dust and dirt build-up on the fan blades


    • Black, hard plastic cover protects internal components from water and debris

        • Can easily be removed for maintenance and cleaning


    • Bolt-on installation

        • Includes wiring harness and mounting hardware


    • Electric heat strip (ACMHD - sold separately) can be added to remove the chill on cold or frosty mornings


    • UL and cUL certified




    • Fits: roofs 2-1/2" to 5" thick

        • Opening size: 14-1/4" long x 14-1/4" wide


    • Air conditioner power draw (while running): 15 amps


    • Compressor power draw (while running): 9.9 amps


    • Fan motor power draw (while running): 2.6 amps


    • Capacity: 13,500 Btu per hour


    • Electrical rating: 115V, 60Hz


    • Air flow: 500 cubic feet/minute


    • Thermostat temperature range: 65 F to 90 F (16 C to 30 C)


    • Overall dimensions:

        • Air conditioner: 31-3/16" long x 24-7/8" wide x 12-13/16" tall

        • Air distribution box: 22-1/2" long x 21-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" tall

        • Start capacitor: 2-1/8" long x 3-5/8" deep x 6-5/16" tall


    • Refrigerant: R410a, 16.9 oz


    • Wire gauge: 12 AWG


    • Air conditioner weight: 68 lbs


    • 1-Year warranty


This Advent Air AC unit lets you replace an existing, old or broken air conditioner or add a new air conditioner to an area on your RV or camper that doesn't already have one. The AC has a powerful fan and motor that provides a steady stream of air to efficiently cool the inside of your RV on a hot or muggy day. For your convenience, the included air distribution box has a built-in thermostat that lets you set the fan speed and temperature. The included start capacitor will help jumpstart the AC. This beneficial upgrade provides the AC a boost when shore power or generator power isn't enough to start it. And everything you need in order to replace or add an AC unit is included, which makes installation simple and easy.

Air Distribution Box and Thermostat
Advent Air Air Distribution Box
The AC unit includes an air distribution box with a built-in thermostat. The dial on the left controls the 3 cool settings and the 3 fan speed settings, which let you increase or decrease the airflow. If you add an electric heat strip (sold separately) to remove the chill on cold mornings, then the dial also controls the heat setting. The dial on the right allows you to set the temperature. Additionally, there are adjustable registers on the front and back of the box. These can be tilted up, down, or side-to-side for directing the air where needed. The removable air filter prevents dust and dirt from building up on the fan blades.

Start Capacitor
Advent Air Start Capacitor
If your campsite or generator isn't able to draw the power you need, then you may have difficulty starting your AC unit. The included start capacitor, however, can eliminate this problem. The capacitor stores energy that will later be used to jumpstart the AC. Once the sufficient amount of power has been supplied to the AC, the compressor will start to run, and the internal relay switch will turn the start capacitor off. At the same time, the compressor will send "back voltage" to the relay switch and capacitor in order to energize them for the next startup.

Simple Installation
Because your RV is likely already prepped and pre-wired for an AC unit, installation is simple and easy. Most AC units, including this one, are designed to fit an opening that measures 14-1/4" x 14-1/4". Depending on your roof setup, you may need to do minimal alterations. If the opening is larger than 14-3/8" x 14-3/8", you will need to install spacers between the sides of the unit and the opening's edges. If the opening is smaller than 14-1/8" x 14-1/8", you will need to enlarge the hole to fit the unit snugly inside the opening.
Advent Air AC Collapsible Gasket and Foam Pads
On the bottom of the AC, there's a thick, collapsible gasket with 6 noise-reducing foam pads. This provides support between the RV roof and AC and seals the opening to prevent water and outside air from leaking in. Because of this, the use of fresh sealant isn't required during installation.

To install the start capacitor, bolt it to the fan motor support with the included hardware and then route the wires to the run capacitor.

Once installed, the hard plastic cover on the AC can easily be removed for maintenance and cleaning.

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