Trigger ONE Bluetooth Solid State Relay

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About Advanced Accessory Concepts:
While you love modding your Jeep or truck, what you may not love so much is the hassle of getting everything connected while still keeping your vehicle safe. The last thing you need is a safety hazard such as wires bristling everywhere when you're rocking and reeling over rough terrain, when the slightest snag could pull your accessories free and even kill your ride, or possibly cause danger from loose electrical components. With that in mind, Advanced Accessory Concepts has been making components to simplify your electrical connections, and effectively maintain vehicle safety.

Trigger ONE Bluetooth Solid State Relay
What does this solid state relay do?
This relay allows you to take control of power, dimming and flashing in your Trigger Accessory Control System much like our Six-Shooter Control Modules.
How much power can the Trigger ONE handle?
Yep, the Trigger ONE relay system can handle up to 30 amps of current.
I'm confused... so this thing works in addition to the Trigger Accessory Control System?
Yep! Equip this to one of our Trigger Accessory Control System Six-Shooter Control Modules and then you'll have additional wireless control.
I'm still pretty darn confused... is there any chance you could tell me more about how the Trigger ONE actually works?
Feel free to watch this video below to learn more about the Trigger ONE Bluetooth Relay.

What is the Trigger Accessory Control System? Can you tell me more about it?
Click here to learn more about the Trigger Accessory Control System.
Is there any vehicle fitment restrictions I should be aware of?
Nope, this will fit any vehicle that has a Trigger Accessory Control System.



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    Customer review

    Posted by andrew j young on Nov 08, 2021

    I thought you prospective customers for this product would be interested to see how Advanced Accessory Concepts deal with warranty issues. I have attached my correspondence with them to date for you to see. Hi there: I have an Apple iPhone 12 I recently bought 6 X Trigger one Bluetooth relays. I have finally found time to install them. I have 5 of them installed in a relay box, next to each other. I have no issues with the first one when I connect to it. It works perfectly. However, when I try to connect any of the remaining 4 x relays, it kills the first relay and refuses to connect the one that I am trying to connect to. I have reset them each time to 0000 and deleted the app, then reloaded it, then tried to connect them again. When I put the first one into pairing mode I can see the Connectivity indicator on the app flashing. When I put the second one in pairing mode I can not see the Connectivity light flashing. I hope you have seen this issue before. Is it because they are too close to each other? Jovanah Aguirre 26 Oct 2021, 09:03 to me Hello Andrew, Very common question in order to connect multiple One Relays what you will need to do is pair One repay at a time. Make sure only one device is powered on and the other is completely disconnected from power. Reset the Relay buy holding down the reset button for 10 seconds. Then Pair the One relay that has power running through it with the app. Once paired to app. Disconnect that One Relay from power and connect the next One relay and repeat. Then you should be connected to both on App Let me know if you come across any issues and I can walk you through. Andrew Young Tue, 26 Oct, 15:08 to Jovanah Jovanah: I already thought this may be the case before I even contacted you guys. Yes, I tried this more than 20 times and Yes it will connect and show up on the app. However when you plug them all in they do not work. I will make a video and send it to you so you can see it with your own eyes. Jovanah Aguirre Fri, 29 Oct, 03:01 (11 days ago) to me Yes, Sorry for long wait I wanted a second opinion from my tech. And still waiting. When you connect the relays all up it is only one that is being kicked off? When your on the app and connected to a relay you wont see any lights turn on or off when you press the power button through app. I would check the actual device that is connected the relay if its turning on and off. So in other words by just looking at relay you cant tell if its operation on or off you will have to look at the device installed into it to see if it’s actually powering up. Let me know if that makes sense. Andrew Young 29 Oct 2021, 04:43 (11 days ago) to Jovanah Jovanah: I have tried to get them going more than 50 times. When I individually set them up as you recommended, they all work individually. No worries. If I only try to run 2 relays, one of the relays gets kicked off. If I plug them all in, only one will work, or none will work. I realize that the led does not indicate the switching state. I have loads connected to the relay outputs, so I can tell when they are working. On the video, if you go to 1.33 you can see when the first relay is kicked off. You can see when the relays are working as the button on the app changes from grey to blue. You may notice in the video that I moved the position of the second relay a couple of times. This installation is operating an air suspension system. I moved it because it was dumping the bags and the van was lowering. I have repeated this process many many times, without moving the position of the switch and still no success. It can't be that all 5 Trigger Ones are faulty. I have tried every conceivable combination of Set-Up and plugging them in. Have you guys actually tested them to see if you can run more than one at a time? Could it be because they are too close to each other? I still have one that is still unopened that I have not tried yet. Andrew Young Wed, 3 Nov, 10:13 (6 days ago) to Jovanah Jovanah: Have you heard back from your Technician yet? It has been 5 days since you contacted me to say that you were waiting for him to get back to you. As it stands at the moment, I can't use these relays as a group which makes them useless for my particular application. You guys must have come across this issue before. The app is supposed to support six relays. Andrew Young Thu, 4 Nov, 10:37 (5 days ago) to Jovanah Jovanah: Please find the link to the video that shows the practical implementation of your suggested setup, plus a bit of extra diagnostic experimentation. Andrew Young Fri, 5 Nov, 10:02 (4 days ago) to Jovanah Jovanah: I assume you have had time to get your guru to watch the youtube clip I posted regarding my Trigger one Relay. If you study the video, it is very clear that this system does not operate as advertised. In over 100 attempts to get them to work as a group, I have not had any success or sign of any intermittence. I have tried the app on a couple of other Apple Iphones and have experienced exactly the same issue. All the phones are new, in good working order, and using current operating systems. My preference is to sort out the issue and get all 6 Relays working on the app. It seems to me that they do not work as a group due to a software glitch in the app. Can you guys make a video that demonstrates that the Relays can be individually programmed and then be connected to the app? If you do not have a solution for this issue, it would be reasonable to expect a full refund. If you are not prepared to refund the money I will fully document this entire transaction with a video proving that they only work individually and will not operate if you try to add additional relays. I will post it on youtube. I will title it: Trigger One Bluetooth Relay . Potential trigger one customers will get to see what actually happens when you try to connect 6 relays to the app. ( this video will be perfectly shot in one take and in a laboratory-type setup with all voltage and current measurements on display ) I can't even run two relays, never mind six relays. I have only tried to connect five so far. They all operate perfectly, individually. and they all are able to be dominant and lockout all the other ones. One of them is untouched and still in original packaging. I still have all the original packaging. I am petty sure it is an issue with the app. At one stage it may have worked with multiple relays. The App creator most likely created the glitch when he did the latest modifications to the app. You should try to get some of your latest stock out on the bench and check it out for yourself. See if you can get them to work. It really is a shame as they work perfectly individually. I bought these mainly because the app looked so good. ( I just assumed that it actually worked ) I look forward to your response. Here is my conclusion. ]My advice is that this product and the app work perfectly. It is a real shame that you can only use one of these per installation. It would be the worlds most amazing product if it worked as advertised. It would be good if Advanced Accessory Concepts tested their products before releasing them to the market. That is the difference between a Concept and a Fully Functional Product.