Wolo LED Flashing 97db Back-Up Alarm for Sprinter Van

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Upgrade your vehicle's safety with the

Back-Up Alarm, meticulously designed to enhance caution when driving in reverse. This state-of-the-art alarm not only emits a piercing 97 decibel beeping sound but also flashes a brilliant 3-watt LED light, ensuring that both auditory and visual alerts notify individuals in the vicinity.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Alert Mechanism: Combines a loud 97 decibel warning sound with a bright 3-watt LED flasher, activating automatically when the vehicle reverses.
  2. Customizable Controls: Advanced electronics allow drivers to selectively disable either the beeping sound or the LED flash, based on their preference. (Note: A toggle switch installation in the driver's compartment is necessary, switch not provided.)
  3. Robust Construction: Encases cutting-edge electronics in epoxy, ensuring durability and resilience against varying weather conditions.
  4. Universal Voltage Compatibility: Seamlessly adapts to a wide voltage range of 10-80 volts DC, making it versatile for different vehicles.
  5. Sturdy Design: Crafted from high-grade ABS plastic with resilient mounting brackets, it's designed to withstand intense vibrations.
  6. Maintenance-Free: With no bulbs that could wear out, it promises longevity with zero maintenance hassles.

Invest in the Back-Up Alarm and step up your vehicle's safety game. It's not just an accessory; it's an assurance of safety, tailored for reverse driving scenarios.

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