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2019+ Sprinter Van Front Light Bar Mounting Solutions by RB Components

$90.00 - $100.00
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2 Squadron Light Bracket: Enhance your Sprinter's road presence with our bespoke 2 Squadron Light Bracket. Meticulously crafted to mount seamlessly on your 2019+ Sprinter Van's existing bumper, this light bar promises zero interference with your bumper sensors, safeguarding the vehicle's built-in functionalities.

Key Highlights:

  • Precision Integration: Directly mounts to the Sprinter's existing bumper, offering a sleek look.
  • Sensor Compatibility: Thoughtfully designed to avoid obstructing front bumper sensors.
  • Optional Light Add-On: Opt for high-powered lights to illuminate your path. These come with a durable 8-foot wiring harness.
  • Safety First: The harness is safeguarded with an in-line 15 amp fuse.
  • Efficient Power Splitter: Distributes power uniformly to each light, ensuring even brightness.
  • Simple Toggle Control: Intuitive toggle switch for easy light operation.



4 Squadron Lights - Front Light Bar Mounting Bracket: For those seeking additional illumination, the 4 Squadron Light variant provides an added layer of brightness. It follows the same precision-engineered design to attach flawlessly onto the 2019+ Sprinter Van bumper, guaranteeing an interference-free experience with the vehicle's sensors.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Extended Lighting: Features four squadrons for more extensive light coverage.
  • Direct Bumper Mount: Streamlined design that aligns perfectly with the Sprinter's aesthetics.
  • Sensor Respect: Maintains unhindered functionality of front bumper sensors.
  • Lighting Options: Lights can be added, accompanied by an 8-foot-long robust wiring setup.
  • Safety Mechanism: In-line 15 amp fuse ensures safe and smooth operation.
  • Consistent Light Distribution: Integrated wire splitter for even power distribution.
  • Toggle Switch: For effortless light adjustments on the go.

Trust RB Components for an optimal blend of style, functionality, and safety for your 2019+ Sprinter Van's lighting needs. Whether you're on a nocturnal adventure or battling foggy conditions, these light bars promise clarity every mile of the way.


For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 503-427-2270 or drop us an email at Customersupport@Sprinterstore.com. We're here to assist you at every step!