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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Low Roof Ford Transit Vans - Passenger's Cargo Door (Front)

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AM Auto’s Precision-Crafted Solar Privacy Glass Window for Ford Transit: Elevate Your Van Living Experience

Ride the wave of the burgeoning van life trend with unmatched privacy and unparalleled clarity, courtesy of AM Auto's superior privacy glass window. Far from just a window, it's a marvel of sophisticated engineering and premium materials, meticulously crafted to amplify your privacy while on the move.

Our window proudly boasts an enviable UV filtration system, allowing only a negligible 17% of UV rays through. This offers dual benefits: safeguarding your skin from harmful ultraviolet exposure and retaining a pristine, undistorted view of the outside world. Whether you're in the heart of a metropolis or nestled within nature's embrace, rest easy knowing your sanctuary remains private, shielded from curious glances and damaging sun rays.

Highlighting Features of AM Auto's Elite Glass Window:

  • Customized for Ford Transit: Precisely tailored for Ford Transit vans, it fits flawlessly on the Passenger Side Cargo Door (Front 60%).

  • Optimal UV Defense: With a formidable UV filtration of 17%, bask in the sunlight worry-free, knowing you're defended from harmful rays while retaining a vibrant exterior view.

  • Built to Last: Made with industry-leading materials, our window braves diverse climatic challenges, assuring durability and longevity.

  • Sleek Aesthetic with Solar Privacy Tint: The tint is more than just stylish—it's a functional addition, fortifying your vehicle's privacy.

  • Exact Dimensions for Seamless Integration: Perfectly sized at 719mm (28.31")W x 570mm (22.44")H, it embeds seamlessly into your van, backed by its robust 17% UV protection rating.

Step up your van life with AM Auto's privacy glass window. It's more than a mere window—it’s a commitment to premium quality, protection, and peace of mind. Experience the road like never before.


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