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Mercedes Sprinter Van 2019+ HD BantamX Kit

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Enhance the functionality of your 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter van with the sPOD BantamX/HD vehicle-specific kit, a seamless integration solution for advanced electrical control. This kit is expertly designed to effortlessly incorporate the sPOD HD panel into your van's cabin, providing a convenient and secure access point for all your control needs. Mounted on the upper center console, the included plate is thoughtfully angled for easy switch access, ensuring a user-friendly experience for managing your electrical accessories.

The sPOD BantamX power control module is a time-saving innovation, featuring a compact design and a custom mounting bracket. This module can support up to 8 circuits (expandable) and simplifies the process of powering and managing all your 12/24VDC accessories. Say goodbye to the complexities of extensive wiring or tapping into your vehicle's electrical system; the BantamX/HD kit streamlines the installation process. The included sPOD HD controller serves as a comprehensive command center, seamlessly connecting to the BantamX through a single ethernet cable routed through the cab. With responsive silicone buttons, convenient backlighting, and Bluetooth connectivity, this kit offers unmatched control options for your aftermarket electrical accessories.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Integration: Tailor-made for 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter vans, the sPOD BantamX/HD kit ensures a smooth integration of advanced control features into your vehicle's cabin.
  • Streamlined Installation: Save valuable time and effort with the compact BantamX power control module and its custom mounting bracket, designed for easy and secure accessory management.
  • Comprehensive Control: The sPOD HD controller, connected via ethernet, provides tactile buttons, backlighting, and Bluetooth connectivity, serving as the ultimate command center for your electrical accessories.

Upgrade your Mercedes Sprinter van with the sPOD BantamX/HD kit to simplify and enhance your control over aftermarket electrical accessories. This kit includes all the necessary components for a hassle-free installation, ensuring a clean and efficient electrical control solution

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