SPRINTEK Top Performance 7 or 8 Leaf Suspension System Kit FREE SHIPPING


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SPRINTEK LEAF Kit includes: ONE (Two needed) 7 or 8 Leaf Replacement Feather Ride Upgrade Springs Kit (Heavy Duty 85lbs Each) make your vehicle fly like a feather.


7 leaf is for the 2500 //// 8 leaf is for the 3500

We have suspensions systems for the 2500, 3500, AND 4×4

It includes all the U-bolts and mounting kits needed to install the suspensions systems on your vehicle.

Your Sprinter comes from the factory with only 1, 2 or 3 leaf springs. The Spring assist kits can get you up to 5 leaf springs, but for your Heavy Duty Sprinters you need more. These will replace the assistance kit and get you 7 or 8 leaf springs. 7 or 8 leaf springs will give your Sprinter the most support available in the marketplace.


Q: How much height will these Sprinter Van Leaf Spring Kits raise my Sprinter Van?
A: Depending on your Sprinter Vans Total weight and if you are sagging, but on average it will raise your Sprinter 1/2 of an inch. BUT this will be the smoothest and softest ride for your Sprinter Van.

Improve your Sprinters Ride Quality

We all want the luxury of riding on a smooth surface, however, not every road is paved the way we want it to be. You will be amazed at the improvement in ride quality, with or without a load, no matter what road you are driving on with a SPRINTEK Active Suspension system installed on your vehicle .

The 7-8 powerful variable rated LEAF springs on the SAS will instantly absorb and dissipate bumps and even potholes in the road, by instantly responding to anything the road has to offer. SAS does this by absorbing any imperfections in the road, and instead of the leaf springs resisting them they now prevent rebound of the leaf springs. Thus, providing a much smoother ride.

The improved ride quality will allow you to hug the road on any corner, allowing your SPRINTER to feel like a sports car!



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Sprinter Type

2500-7 Leaf, 3500-8 Leaf


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Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 6 × 9 in