WeatherTech BumpStep® and BumpStep®XL

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Your vehicle's rear deserves the best defense against parking mishaps, rogue shopping carts, and other unpredictable bumper threats. Enter the WeatherTech BumpStep® and the expanded BumpStep®XL, diligently crafted to offer maximum protection without compromising style. These innovative steps serve a dual purpose: safeguarding your bumper from dings and scratches while also providing a convenient step to reach your vehicle's roof. Manufactured from premium materials, the BumpStep® series ensures durability and resilience, making them a valuable addition to any vehicle. The WeatherTech commitment to quality guarantees not just protection but also an elegance that enhances the overall appeal of your car.

Elevate Vehicle Protection and Accessibility with WeatherTech BumpStep® Series

  • Dual Functionality: More than just a bumper guard, both the BumpStep® and BumpStep®XL offer a sturdy step-up for easy access to the vehicle's roof, making cargo management a breeze.
  • Robust Construction: Built with high-grade materials, these steps promise long-lasting defense against everyday bumps, accidental nudges, and unexpected impacts.
  • Effortless Installation: Designed for universal fit, the BumpStep® series seamlessly integrates with any vehicle hitch, ensuring a secure fit and effortless setup.

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