Mercedes Sprinter Van Air Ride Compressor Suspension Seat




Mercedes Sprinter Van Air Ride Compressor Suspension Seat

Do you have a 2015 or newer Sprinter with airbag seats?

Please note that this IS NOT A REPLACEMENT for the 2015 and newer Sprinter Vans with Airbag Seats.

What fabric is this seat made out of?

The fabric choices available to you are Mordura and Cordura.

What is the difference between Cordura and Mordura fabric?

The Cordura is a smoother Denier type fabric that is tear and puncture-resistant.

The Mordura fabric is softer to the touch although not quite as tough as the Cordura. The picture above is the Mordura fabric and the color representation is quite accurate. The seats are black with a gray insert as seen above.

Are these seats compatible with seat swivels? 

These seats are not compatible with SportsCraft Seat Swivel Adapters.

Do these seats come with anything special? 

These seats are compatible with stock fitment and will bolt right in. An air pump is provided. The seats have an option for getting the heated seat upgrade.

Do you have installation instructions for these seats? 

Unfortunately, we do not. If you don’t already know how to install a new seat, then we recommend taking this product to a manufacturer.

Do these seats come with armrests? 

Yes, the Air Ride Suspension Seat comes with 2 Sprinter Van armrests.

Additional information

Seat Type

2002-2006 Sprinter Van, 2007-2019 Sprinter Seat with no In Seat Airbags, 2016-2019 Sprinter With Seats that HAVE Airbags in them

Cloth Type

Cordura, Mordura


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Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 22.44 × 38 in