Fiamma Bi-pot 34 Portable Toilet 13l

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Fiamma Bi-Pot 34 | Portable Toilet with a 13L Capacity - Part Number - 01354-01-


What are the other sizes available for these Bi-Pot toilets?
There is an 11L capacity which you can find by clicking here.
There is a 13L version which is the one you are currently browsing.
Finally, there is a 20L version which is the largest you can get.

What are the dimensions of this thing? I've got to figure out where I'm gonna put this thing when I'm not using it or after I use it.
The dimensions of this portable toilet are 17x14x13.

Hey, wait, isn't that the same size as the rest of the portable toilets?
You are correct. All of the Fiamma Bi-Pot toilets are 17x14x13.

How does this affect the weight of the toilets? They are different capacities after all.
We do not have official weights from our system or from the manufacturer, however, the weight difference should be somewhat negligible unless the volume is occupied.

How easy is this portable toilet to empty?
Very easy. It only has one large waste cap and it does not make use of a drain pipe which matters because you are very unlikely to experience a clog.

How about cleaning? I can imagine this might get to be a struggle.
The manufacturer tells us that this is fairly simple. The system completely detaches and dismantles to make cleaning very easy.

Am I going to have to worry about spillage?
You should not have to worry about it. There is a testing system in place before these are deemed fit for consumers. Each one is tested to make sure that the seal is strong and is doing its job. It should also stop any potential odors from emanating from the unit.

Is this the kind of thing you carry under your arm because... Yuck.
The manufacturer, Fiamma, made sure to include a handle so you would not have to carry that in that fashion. It is strong and durable so that it will not break easily.

This item looks like it's two separate pieces. Are they supposed to come part?
Yes. They do come apart but they are not made to come apart any other time than cleaning. Please do not try to remove them when the unit is holding any type of volume.

This is a toilet, right? So I can assume it can flush?
You would be correct. The system does flush and it does use fresh water. It should function similar to most toilets but it is a portable toilet.

It sounds great. But, how you gonna send me this thing? Who am I going to have to be embarrassed in seeing when this thing shows up?
A lot depends on where you ask us to send this Bi-Pot to you. If you ask us to send this portable toilet to a home address then you might get a USPS priority mail shipment, a FedEx home delivery package, or an OnTrac delivery. If you ask us to ship to a business address then you might get a USPS priority mail shipment, a FedEx ground shipment, or an OnTrac shipment.