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Fiamma F45eagle For T1n Sprinter Vans

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About Fiamma:

Fiamma is known worldwide as a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing technical accessories for the recreational vehicle market. Fiamma has more than 100 patents registered in Europe, USA, Japan and China.

Fiamma F45eagle For T1n Sprinter Vans

Fiamma F45Eagle | Automatic, Electric, and Legless Awning for T1N Sprinter Vans

Note: These awnings are specifically recommended to be installed in 2002-2006 Sprinter Vans with the HIGH ROOF or on Class-C RVs because it must be mounted on the wall. Vans with sliding doors that reach all the way up to the roofline will conflict with awning mounting.


*This product ships via freight. There is a FLAT $100 LTL fee per awning. All orders must be shipped to a commercial location with a dock for unloading. If your shipping address does not meet this requirement then you may be subject to a $100 charge to cover additional freight costs*


*Fiamma has a lead time of 3-4 weeks for delivery*

Manufacturer: Fiamma
Awning: F45Eagle
Case Color: Polar White, or Deep Black
Fabric Color: Royal Gray
Placement: Designed for the side wall installation. This awning is a flat mount style awning, it needs to be mounted to a surface.
Fitment: All High Roof Sprinter Vans made between 2002-2006 (2500 and 3500) or Class-C RV with enough wall strength/clearance to mount.
Includes: Awning, case, motor, wall switch, and wind sensor.
Operation: Winch automated, but can be operated manually in overdrive mode.
Material: Canopy is made of washable vinyl
Length: View the available lengths from the drop-down menu


    • Very easy and safe to operate. Operates by a wall switch.

    • Wind Detective System: wind sensor automatically activates the motor and retracts the awning in cases of strong wind

    • Self-supporting

    • Lightweight yet still very sturdy

    • Silent when opening and closing

    • Washable

    • Rot-resistant

    • Fire retardant

    • UV resistant (no fading due to sun exposure)

    • Only rolls one way so it cannot be broken




What brackets will I receive with this awning?
You get the standard brackets in the stock version of the awning. We are working on getting more brackets in stock as soon as possible.

Where should I mount this awning?
This awning is meant to be mounted to the wall.

What does that ""400"" designation next to the F45Eagle mean?
400 denotes the length of the awning case. The case that holds the awning is 400 cm long (13.1 feet). 13'8"" overall length.

I've damaged some of my older awnings by rolling my awning the wrong way. Is there some kind of system that makes sure that this is not a possibility?
Yes. Fiamma has developed a system that does not allow you to roll the awning the wrong way. If that was a problem for you in the past then it will not be one in the future with this awning.
Does this awning come with legs?
No, this awning does not come with legs. It is self-supporting.
What do the different colors look like?
Click on the below image and you will see the different color options.

Do these awnings block sun rays? I am worried about getting sunburnt.
Yes, these awnings were specifically designed to block the sun.
How can I install this product?
Professional installation is recommended. Please visit a professional mechanic if you don't already know what you are doing.