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Ram Promaster Rear Door Cover By Fiamma

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About Fiamma:

Fiamma is known worldwide as a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing technical accessories for the recreational vehicle market. Fiamma has more than 100 patents registered in Europe, USA, Japan and China. You can imagine the journey you want, if your vehicle mounts Fiamma products. The quality of each piece and professional assistance will make every departure a taste of dolce vita. Because Italians know how to fully enjoy every moment on the road. one of the special products in Fimma is Ram Promaster Rear Door Cover By Fiamma

RAM ProMaster Rear Door Cover
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This product is compatible with all RAM ProMaster Vans made after 2014. This includes the 1500, 2500, and 3500 versions.
NOTE: If your RAM ProMaster has a backup camera then this product will NOT fit your van.
Rear door cover? What does that do?
The rear door cover stretches over the rear of the van, creating additional privacy.
How does this cover stay on the vehicle?
The upper rafter and rail keep the fabric tight. The double rail is attached to the water gutter of the RAM ProMaster while the aluminum rafter secures the opening of the two rear doors, keeping the fabric tight.
How can I store this cover?
The cover rolls up, allowing for easy storage.
What all comes with this cover?
This product includes the following:

    • 1 awning with side and front panels


    • 1 double rail in reinforced PVC


    • 1 rafter to increase stability


    • 1 set of kit pegs


    • 1 kit of tension elastics

What color does this cover come in?
This cover comes in royal grey.
Who manufactured this rear door cover?
This rear door cover is manufactured by Fiamma.
Do you guys have the Fiamma part number for this product? I just want to make sure I'm purchasing the correct product.
Yes, the part number for this product is 06357-01-

What are the dimensions of the awning while open?




170 (W) x 90 (D) x 240 (H) cm