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Mercedes Sprinter Van Light Racks

$225.00 - $750.00
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About Portland Van:

When I got the opportunity to get out of high tech after ~20 years (from mechanical engineer to production manager to supply chain and overseas sourcing manager to director of global operations) and do something different, I looked at what makes me happy...spending time with my family, innovating and building with my hands. Our Sprinter allows us to just get up and go, most of the time without a plan. Like we did one Spring break where we got to highway 26 and had to choose west or east. We went west, without a plan, and started one of our best weeks with our boys ever. I'm on my third Sprinter build and each one starts as a cargo van and an empty shell. Building the cabinets, panels, water tanks and racks is a blast! I didn't want to spend $1k on a light rack so I used my engineering background and designed my own. It took a lot longer than expected. So after multiple prototypes, welding burns and aluminum shavings in our garage, driveway and house :( the first rack was released. My light racks are solid, simplistic and reasonably priced... and they make your Sprinter look great. If you have any questions just let me know.
one of Portland Van special products is Mercedes Sprinter Van Light Racks

Mercedes Sprinter Van Light Racks
These light racks are compatible with all Mercedes Sprinter Vans 2007-2021.
Compatibility: All Trims of Mercedes Sprinter Van From The 2nd and 3rd Generation

    • NCV3 Sprinter Vans (2007-2018): maximum light height 4""


    • 3rd Generation Sprinter Vans (2019-Present): maximum light height 8""


    • Hand made in Portland, OR


    • Parking sensor, forward camera, and radar compliant


    • Mount round or bar lights


    • Made from 0.25"" and 11 Gauge 6061 aluminum


    • Power-coated in black, hardware and wrench provided


    • Installation is simple and the bar is held in place with two bolts