Ram Promaster Hood Bra

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2014 and Newer RAM ProMaster Hood Bra

What is this hood bra supposed to do?
The hood bra protects your Promaster from dirt and flying debris. There are several cases where rocks and other debris can fly up and hit your hood. Those materials sometimes scratch the hood. The hood bra will take the damage instead of your Promaster's hood. It also adds another color to your hood which could be a welcome change of pace for you and your family depending on your tastes.

What is this product made of?
It is made of 22 oz material. The bra has a PVC coating. The PVC coating is the same you would find on Class A RV's. If RV's trust it to handle their road travels then it will probably do just fine for you on yours.

Am I going to have to drill into my vehicle to get this bra to work? I mean. I don't really want to drill into my Promaster just to add a small amount of protection. That seems really backward and a weird thing to do.
You are in luck because you will not have to drill into your vehicle to make this work. All you have to do is slip this hood bra over your Promaster's hood and then you are good to go.

Where do I keep this bra if it is not in use? Do I just roll it up?
Actually, you receive a storage bag with this product. You should be able to put the product into that bag and then store the bag instead of worrying about this product unfurling itself during a trip.

How long can I use this bra?
You should not use this for long periods of time. You should remove the bra from your Promaster and make sure that it gets cleaned properly.