Diesel Power for Sprinter Vans

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Diesel optimization has under gone major transformations over the years. The recent advent of digital technology has produced the Diesel Power® DIGI series of plug and play tuning modules. Depending on the module required for your vehicle, gain 20% to 30% more horsepower and torque. In addition to more power, our initial tests indicate up to 3% better highway fuel economy. Overall drive-ability and responsiveness is improved especially on vehicles with automatic transmissions. Turbo lag is reduced and that burst of speed you need for a sudden lane change is there.

When towing, getting up to highway speeds and maintaining mph on hills is dramatically improved. Our tests show an approximate 8% to 10% increase in fuel economy when towing or carrying heavy loads. With more torque, shifting is much more positive with less downshifting on hills. This quality German-engineered product will not only increase your towing and carrying capabilities, but your driving pleasure as well. We consistently get calls from our customers who make comments like, “WOW, what a difference!” For more information about tuning module applications, use the How It Works link or give us a call at 503-925-4049.