Sprinter Van Injector Leak Off Pipe Connectors 6110708432


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Sprinter Van Injector Leak Off Pipe Connectors | 6110708432 | Free Shipping

This product is compatible with Sprinter Vans that have either an OM611 or an OM646 engine. 

All Sprinter Store parts are backed by warranties. The Sprinter Store has been repairing and installing Sprinter Van parts for over a decade, the parts we sell are tested to the greatest standard. We stand behind our manufacturers and ensure every part is of the utmost quality.  

  Please note that this item only ships free to the Contiguous United States. It does not include Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories.  


What are the OEM part numbers this thing is related to anyway?

The Mercedes part numbers these parts are related to are the following OEM numbers are: 6110708432, 6110700032, and 6460701132.

Are there also Dodge OEM parts that this is related to as well?

Yes. Here are the Dodge OEM numbers 05183496AA, 05080487AA, 05183130AA.

Do you have any of the interchange part numbers this relates to as well?

Sure. The numbers you are looking for are 05183496AA and 13733060001.

What are the engine types that correspond to this piece of equipment?

The engines are OM611 and OM646.

Any other information about Displacement?that is produced by Mercedes-Benz.

Sure. 2,148 cc (2.148 L; 131.1 cu in) and 2,151 cc (2.151 L; 131.3 cu in).

Do you know what is actually in this kit? I’d like to know so I can plan appropriately for when I get this kit?

You get a 90-degree plastic connector (L) and 180-degree plastic t connectors (3).

Do you know what chassis types will work with these parts?

Yes. The types are W 901, W 902, W 903, and W 904.

Wait… Aren’t there some Bosch numbers that this is equal to as well?

Yes. The numbers are 0445110189, 0445110190, 0986435055, and 0986435056.

What is an OM611 engine anyway?

Mercedes makes the OM611 engine. The OM611 is a straight-4 diesel engine.

Begel Germany Number: BG07034

OEM: 6110708432

We use Begel Germany, genuine Mercedes Benz, and other top quality name brand parts that carry warranties. We may substitute your part with a possible better quality option if we need to. 


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